During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, I traveled to Tanzania, Pakistan, Turkey, and Iraqi Kurdistan while completing my university degree online.

This project was born because my friends wanted to learn more about my experiences in lesser-known places. Without ever having used a camera or having any clue about video production, I went to Kurdistan to share more about the Yazidis, a religious minority who suffered from crimes against humanity committed by the Islamic State.

Nowadays, I could create a much better product with all the experience I have gained (and the new gear I have). However, this project made me realize how much fulfillment and impact this career can bring.

Alongside this video, I started a fundraiser with some friends for a local NGO run by a young group of Yazidis. Despite all the death and trauma their community has gone through, Yazidis still want to carry on living even in circumstances that still remain challenging. Sharing is as important as receiving!

Omar Hamed Beato

I am Omar, a visual journalist from Spain who loves creating stories in written, photo, and video formats.
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